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John is the founder and CEO of Impact Marketing Services, a nationally recognized marketing agency working exclusively with franchise organizations and directly with franchisees to help them exceed expectations with tested and proven strategic marketing programs. John's mission is to empower franchisees of all sizes to maximize their sales potential and exceed their growth objectives. Under his leadership, the agency has grown to become a trusted partner for franchise organizations across various franchise segments - quick service/fast casual food segment, fitness and automotive aftermarket segments as well. IMS has worked with 6,000+ franchisees for the past 32 years, with Mail Boxes Etc. & The UPS Stores, Pizza Hut, Famous Dave's BarBQ, Wayback Burgers and many fast casual/quick serve food franchisees.

In a recent episode of the popular podcast 'Business Stories with Ryan Arcoraci,' host Ryan Arcoraci delves into the crucial topic of marketing strategies before and during the grand opening of a franchise. The informative episode, part one of a three-part series dedicated to buying a franchise or starting a small business, features insightful discussions with industry professionals, shedding light on the significance of effective marketing campaigns and their impact on the success of new businesses.

The podcast highlights the importance of initiating marketing efforts as soon as the franchisee signs the lease for their space. By commencing marketing activities early on, franchise owners can generate awareness and build anticipation within the local community, effectively capitalizing on the curiosity factor. The episode emphasizes that marketing should be viewed as an investment that yields long-term benefits.

One key aspect discussed during the episode is the implementation of lead generation programs to create a database of potential customers before the store even opens its doors. Arcoraci explores the effectiveness of initiatives such as 'enter to win a year of free pizza' in attracting potential customers and acquiring their contact information. By collecting valuable leads during the pre-opening phase, franchisees can establish a solid customer base from the start.

To ensure a successful grand opening, franchisees are encouraged to allocate a minimum of $8,000 to the opening launch program, which represents less than 1% of their total investment in the franchise. This program is designed to create a buzz and generate excitement surrounding the new business. Arcoraci interviews John Lee, a marketing manager who previously worked with the renowned Coleman company after obtaining his MBA. Lee emphasizes the importance of an aggressive pre-opening marketing campaign as a cornerstone of the launch program, providing franchisees with a built-in customer base.

The episode also underscores the significance of local community awareness in determining the triumph of a new business. Arcoraci stresses that engaging with the community and establishing connections should be a priority. Effective marketing strategies discussed in the podcast aim to build a database of future customers through lead generation campaigns like 'Enter to Win.' The goal is to gather at least 1,000 leads before the store opens and expand that number significantly thereafter.

'Business Stories with Ryan Arcoraci' continues to provide valuable insights by interviewing business professionals and sharing their expertise. The podcast's focus on marketing strategies for franchise openings serves as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and franchisees, offering practical advice and innovative approaches to ensure the success of their ventures.

Listeners can anticipate a wealth of valuable insights and expertise on buying franchises and launching small businesses as they delve deeper into the series. With Ryan Arcoraci at the helm, the host of the show brings a wealth of franchise marketing experience to the table. Ryan's many years of experience in franchise support with ClientTether, a franchise CRM system dedicated to assisting brands in achieving affordable growth and scalability, positions him to guide and educate his audience for their success.

Listen to the full podcast interview by Ryan Arcoraci with John Lee on your preferred podcast channel.

In this podcast, the host covers:

  • Importance of Marketing Before Opening

  • Significance of Grand Opening

  • Franchise Opening Launch Program

  • Specific Pre-Opening Marketing Strategies

  • Impact Marketing Services

John Lee, founder and CEO of Impact Marketing Services

Podcast Quotes:

  • "If the franchisee doesn't make it, then we're all in trouble." (4:44-4:47 | John)

  • "It is absolutely critical that your current franchisees be as successful as possible, have as many orders or as many customers as possible, increase sales so that they give good validation to the new prospects coming on board. If you don't have that element for an emerging brand, you're just not going to succeed." (4:58-5:24 | John)

  • "They just don't have time to deal with the marketing and if they did, they're not marketing experts anyway." (7:56-8:03 | John)

  • "We grow franchise brands in local markets." (8:27-8:30 | John)

  • "This is an insurance policy to get customers in the door. This is an insurance policy of success." (19:58-20:05 | John)

About the Podcast Guest:

To learn more about John Lee visit his website (Impact Marketing Services).

About the Podcast Host:

To learn more about Ryan Arcoraci visit his business website (Client Tether) and find him on LinkedIn (Ryan Arcoraci).

About Business Stories Podcast:

Business Stories with Ryan Arcoraci shares interesting stories and helpful advice from today's franchisers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Every business has a story, what's yours?

Listen to the full podcast interview by Ryan Arcoraci with John Lee on your preferred podcast channel.

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